Saturday, January 28, 2017


I just saw the movie Dangal.

Aamir Khan's weight gain for the movie felt very inspiring. It is very easy to fake things, but some people take the hard way and leave us awestruck.

The movie, based on real people, was very good. I surely did not feel like having wasted my money after watching.

Throughout the movie, I had one complaint: why was Aamir's character, Mr. Mahavir Singh Phogat telling his daughter what to do from the stands during her bouts? I felt this was some bogus way of showing a female wrestler perform well. But in the final bout, when there was no Aamir there, Geeta remembered what her father had told her while teaching her how to swim: Don't expect your father to save you from drowning every time. And she went on to win the fight without any guidance from him. This teach-a-man-to-fish rather than give-a-man-a-fish moment felt great, not in the least because it proved that my problem was misguided!

One thing I thought was not right was that in the final bout, the Australian wrestler looked at least a few kilograms heavier than Geeta.

I always thought that there is needless hype around Aamir Khan. But at least in case of this movie, I was wrong.


  1. Always good when one can be proven wrong. Seems to always be one movie where an actor, even if you dislike them, sways us over

    1. You are right.

      This is not one of these movies, but sure, Aamir Khan swayed me over!

  2. A lot of actors gain or lose weight for movies, I've even seen them hit the gym to add some definition or muscles for movies. Of course they can add the fake CGI type stuff but it's nice when an actor makes it more realistic.

    1. You are absolutely right. Doing a proper job is better than half assing it.