Monday, April 27, 2015

Omnious or just Unlucky?

Many times we hear of someone being omnious. Mostly because they underwent some sort of personal tragedy.

This is so prevalent, it almost seems true. Oh, they can't have a child. Must have done some sort of bad things in a previous life. She just sits and stares into the wall, must be some kind of bad luck. 

What I think is that tragedy makes a person bitter or sad or plain negative. Just like being poor for a lot of time will make a person worrisome. Or like being powerful makes a person arrogant. A person who lived in violence in their childhood is more ready to fight in self defense in any situation. Going on with the same line of thought, and since we are all like Pavlov's dogs, we just assume a negative person is inherently negative and therefore in a situation of suffering.

Takes a lot of effort to get past such perceptions.

As with all posts on this blog, this one too is not original. But this time, I think it is not really good to name the person who (for want of a better word )inspired this post. This guy is really happy and in a great situation, so much so that I could not see any kind of bitterness in him. This is how I thought of this post. As with all posts on this blog, I always tell the people who inspire a post about the post, but this time, it saves me a "You write? I guess any stupid person can write" discussion :-)

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

History Repeats Itself... Sometimes Too Soon

Three of us were chatting at the workplace today. Both were seniors and elder to me, and one of them mentioned generation gap.

He was irritated and amused that our generation somehow thinks that his generation is one of idiots. He was even more irritated and amused because he remembered thinking the same about the generation before him. He pointed out that this pattern repeats with every new generation.

So far, so good.

Then he had to review some of my work. Here comes the awkward part.

He pointed out a few mistakes in my work. I was thinking that it was probably because he thought in a different manner. Then I thought he was probably doing it just for the sake it.

Aaaaaaand, then it hit me! My senior was right, both in terms of what he said about generation gap, and what he was saying about my work.

I was thinking the same way just three minutes after hearing of the same thing from the same person I was with. I can probably give a thousand rational explanations for what I thought. But none of them will be true. Not a chance.

Of course, no points for guessing who was irritated and amused now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When Things Get Scary

One of the seniors at work gave a bad, bad news today. Not as bad as me getting unemployed, but not a lot far from that.

It looks like a joke at the moment. Or I might be trying to convince myself that it is a joke.

This current experience is proving great for my personal growth. Someone once said live every day as if it is your last. This saying has a new meaning for me from now on.

This also reminds me to not expect too much and to never take anything for granted in life. I need more of such reminders.

Many times in life, the fun is in not knowing. This is different, but feels fun at the same time.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Changing By The Minute

It would seem that a person's thoughts, views, opinions etc. are constant. At least this is what I thought.

Turns out, I myself am an exception to this.

Other than a few big things like love for humanity, patriotism, respect for my parents etc., all other things change to almost diametrically opposite stands for me. The funny part is, there is no way I can prove my love for humanity, patriotism, respect for parents to myself. So these might just be speculations in my mind.

I have noticed that whenever I expose myself to some new idea, I either pursue it to death, or I hate it. Then, in some time, a week, a couple of months, or until a friend makes me do the opposite ... yes, you guessed it right.

Seeing such inconsistencies in myself is amusing and confusing at the same time. Amusing because it does not matter a lot in the grand scheme of things. My attitude towards certain kinds of food, exercise, work related stuff etc. does not really matter. I (now) know it will definitely change. But it is very confusing because sometimes you have to invest yourself in terms of time or effort or both to one side. Additionally, I always try to be consistent, and this aspect of myself makes me feel like an idiot.

There is always the looming fear of losing some great opportunity just because my silly mind is turned to some other thing at a certain moment in time. But there is also the fear of pouncing too soon on something not worth pouncing at all.

There was a time I wrote really long blog posts. Then I got to really short posts, and now I just write whatever I want. I have used a lot of commas and et-ceteras in this post, and there was a time I hated both. I knew I would not be able to write a lot, and that is why I named the blog "More Not Than Often". But the only reason I am writing this post is because a friend prompted me to. Love you Arpit, but don't know for how long :-)

How often do you feel that you were an idiot some time back?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Newbie Forever

With being an adult comes maturity and responsibility. Or so the world would have us believe. Whatever. This maturity, responsibility, etc. means we cannot enjoy life as much as we used to as children.

I have noticed that always learning something new keeps my mind fresh. At least at a state-of-mind level. 

It keeps on the childhood independence to make mistakes without worrying about the consequences. More importantly, this state of mind goes on to other, mature aspects of my life. Or so I believe.

Seeing others do things better than myself keeps me grounded. These include music by Rob-Ccomics by Rahul, poetry by Geo and Patt, and insightful stories by Kanthu. I can only dream of doing these things that well.

New hobbies, learning new skills, meeting new people, the more we manage to stay newbies, the more we stay young in our minds.